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2014 World Cup logoAt the beginning of July, FIFA - the international football organization unveiled the official logo for the World Cup 2014 which will take place in Brazil for the second time. The winning design was chosen from among 25 entries submitted to a judging panel that included Brazilian bestselling author Paulo Coelho, pop singer Ivete Sangalo, super model Gisele Bundchen and 4 other members.

The 2014 World Cup logo is a World Cup trophy formed of three hands, two green and one yellow, the national colors of Brazil and in red is written the year of the tournament.

According FIFA.com:
Victory and union are the two key emotive elements which are vividly depicted through the hands featured in the design. Whilst forming a clear link to the colours of the Brazilian national flag, the green and yellow colours also allude to two of the strongest features of life in Brazil – the golden beaches and beautiful sun reflected in the yellow tones, with green representing the strong tropical interior that Brazil is so famous for.
What is wrong with the World Cup logo:
  • Judging panel that included writer, model and a pop singer. Are they competent to choose football World Cup logo?
  • Hands are using in handball and volleyball but not in football
  • Distorted hands and too much space between fingers
  • What about the red colour? Brazilian flag doesn't have that colour
  • It looks like a facepalm
  • It looks like an amateur drawing
What do you think of the logo?